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Family Counseling

Families are complex. Each family member brings to the table his or her individual temperament and personality. With emotions running as high as they do among family members, getting along can be a challenge even in the best of circumstances. Respect, understanding, and clear communication are desirable but not always possible.

The emotional and mental health of your family unit impacts the health of its members. Also, the health of each family member affects that of the family unit. When conflict between family members arises, or the effects of a member's illness reverberate throughout the family, relationships can become strained. Family counseling can provide an avenue for restoring (or becoming for the first time) a healthier, more harmonious family.

Improve communication and rehabilitate relationships through family counseling.

With objectives ranging from the resolution of conflict to the remedy of behavioral or social issues to the general clarification of communication, my family counseling sessions seek to treat all sorts of families in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Parent-parent conflict
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Sibling-sibling conflict
  • Blended families
  • A Family Member with with special needs, mental illness, depression, or substance use issues
  • Family member(s) suffering from the effects of trauma or grief
  • A Combination of individual and marital issues

Family Counseling: Discovering a Solution that Suits Everyone

Families desire harmony in their relationships, but don't know how to identify and rectify their problems. This is where family counseling comes into play. As your family therapist, I hope to help illuminate the issues that interfere with your family's balance and suggest solutions. Family counseling objectives for your family include:

  • Recognizing how your family functions
  • Identifying issues and conflicts
  • Assuming responsibility for problems as a family
  • Working together to resolve challenges
  • Developing new approaches to old issues
  • Setting and reaching family goals

In family counseling you can learn about yourself, each other, and how your family operates.
My goal in my family counseling sessions is to promote new understanding among family members as well as skills to handle both current and future problems within the family. Your family has its own unique set of strengths that will enable it to resolve its conflicts and issues. We will set goals that strive toward an increase in your family's empathy and appreciation for one another.

Get your family on the road to recovery with family counseling.

Time is of the essence. Please contact me today to discover how family counseling can foster improved relationships within your family.

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Karen Rowinsky, LSCSW, offers one-on-one counseling, marriage counseling and couples therapy, family therapy, and relationship coaching. Her Overland Park, Kansas office services clients from the Overland Park, Leawood, Lenexa, Olathe, and Kansas City, MO areas.

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